Garmin Rally RS200 Power Meter Pedals

Power meters aren’t new to cycling, but the Garmin Rally pedals are a big step in making data more accessible across a stable of bikes.

Gone are the days of buying expensive hubs or cranks that are not cross-compatible. Now, moving your power meter is as simple as swapping pedals!

And if you want to use them on your MTB on the weekend, and crush a group road ride on Tuesday evening, you can swap over the pedal cages with the conversion kits to run them on all your bikes.

The list of features with these pedals is long and includes power, cadence, left/right balance, seated versus standing time, power phase, and more. The pedals send this suite of data in real time to Garmin Edge cycling computers and sync with the Garmin Connect App.

Over the first couple of hundred miles, the data has given me many places to improve my cycling. And I’ve found that the live data on my Edge 1030 has even allowed in-the-moment changes that have an immediate impact on results.

One of the coolest data points that wasn’t quite expected, but that provided immediate improvement, was the platform center offset. This feature ensures proper cleat position by keeping track of where you apply power on the pedal.

Swapping out the pedals only takes a minute (and an inexpensive Allen key). If you’re looking to improve your performance, or just like to nerd out on data, these pedals are worth it!