Gunner Kennel’s Food Crate

Preserving my dog’s food wasn’t a priority until recently when we had a mouse problem at home. So I researched better ways to store dog food.

Lucky for me, Gunner Kennels recently expanded its product offering to include a Food Crate. It uses heavy-duty rotomolded construction, sealing in pet food freshness and keeping rodents out. And it’s specifically designed to be portable, waterproof, airtight, and odor-proof so it can go with you wherever you and your furry companion go.

The Gunner Food Crate has a draw-style lockable latch lid and elevated rubber feet on a wider base that protect the container from hot or cold elements and prevent things from tipping during travel.

The centrally located handle makes hucking the crate into the truck for road trips a cinch. And the crate can hold up to 50 pounds of food.