Hyperice Hypervolt Plus Percussion Massage Gun

Whether you’re sore from a workout, a hike, or simply carrying stress from life, a massage gun is an easy way to find relief. The Hypervolt Plus has three settings powered by a 90W brushless motor and offers 30% more power than the original. It comes with five different-shaped heads that are easy to swap. It’s a versatile recovery tool that gives quick relief.

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One GearJunkie team member has been using the Hypervolt Plus for over 8 months and loves the extra power it offers. He prefers deep-tissue massage and didn’t get that with other massage guns he has tested. He needed more power, and the Hypervolt Plus delivered (yet that comes at a higher price). If you prefer a milder massage, consider the Hypervolt GO to save some cash.

He used the bullet head most often to relieve shoulder and back pain. Using it on my hips and IT bands after a run works wonders. It’s medium-size for a massage gun, and he can easily use it sitting at his desk or in a car after an adventure. He has found that it’s the quickest way to relieve his aches and pains so he can head into the next day feeling fresh.