Hyperlite Mountain Gear Camera Pod

Looking for a light, durable, and water-resistant case for your camera that can handle virtually anything you can throw at it? The new Camera Pod from Hyperlite Mountain Gear is the answer.

The Camera Pod is as simple as it comes. It’s available in two sizes — regular for smaller mirrorless cameras with smaller or prime lenses and large for larger mirrorless bodies with longer lenses.

The case has one tapered pocket with a single-hinged zipper door that allows for easy loading and removing from virtually any angle. The pod clips onto virtually any backpack in a variety of positions, making it incredibly versatile.

A GearJunkie staffer tested the Camera Pod while squeezing through tight slot canyons and hot hikes in the desert. The mix of durable Dyneema Composite Fabrics protects the camera even when scraping against sandstone rocks or abrasive sands and dirt.

There are more rugged protective cases, but this is his go-to case for most outdoor pursuits. Knowing his camera is protected allows him to focus on the shot and not worry about his gear.