Igloo EcoCool 7-Quart Cooler

Igloo’s new EcoCool cooler series is fully made from post-consumer recycled plastic, which is awesome in itself. But even better, these “green” coolers still keep things cool.

To incorporate recycled content, Igloo uses a recycled resin made from post-consumer plastic — think milk jugs, plastic cups, and more. The resin isn’t just used on the outside, but in the liner and lid as well. In fact, the brand touts them as “the world’s first hardside coolers made with recycled plastic.”

We took the cooler out for a long weekend amid a Colorado spring heatwave (we’re talking temps fluctuating between 35 and 80 degrees.) Igloo advertises that the Playmate holds nine cans (which is accurate). But we found that if you really wanted to ensure contents stayed chilled, five to seven cans and a couple of ice packs (or a few cups of loose ice thrown in) would be more accurate.

For an array of activities, this cooler is perfect. It carries what you need, and the recycled construction doesn’t seem to affect Igloo’s cooler powers at all. Even after baking in the direct, high-altitude sun for 5 hours on the deck of my paddleboard (and then sitting at camp), I found my mules, beers, and snacks to be as chilled as when I left home.

The EcoCool Coolers come in 7-quart (the classic Playmate, which we tested here), 30-quart, 52-quart, and 60-quart options. The coolers range from 25 to 65 bucks — a steal compared to many other coolers on the market. And, Igloo still makes all its coolers in the USA.