Kurgo Surf ‘n Turf Dog Life Jacket

If you’re anything like one of our team members and bring your furry pal on all your adventures, she’d highly recommend investing in a puppy PFD, like the Surf & Turf Dog Life Jacket from Kurgo. Even the strongest canine swimmers can benefit from the added buoyancy. And with a PFD design made especially for dogs, owners can rest assured that their pups will be safe.

The bright red color and reflective accents are helpful for spotting your pup from far away and in the dark. And they’ll help prevent collisions with boats or jet skis. The jacket also features two strategically placed “rescue handles” for quickly pulling your dog out of the water.

This past weekend she took her pup, Lumi, canoeing for the first time, and it turns out she likes to jump ship as soon as they hit the rapids. Luckily, the Surf & Turf stayed secure and kept her afloat in the current and chop. And the handle on the back of the jacket is just what was needed to quickly pull her back on board.

Between getting to swim in the river, getting an extra buoyancy boost, and getting extra pets and attention, it’s safe to say that Lumi had a blast in her Kurgo jacket. Human tested, pup approved.