Paddle North Utility Docks

Gone are the days of trying to fit on a tiny inner tube at the lake, or laying on a rocky shoreline trying to get a quick tan.  With the Paddle North Utility Dock, fun at the lake just got a whole lot bigger.

The large air filled swim platform offered by Paddle North is a sturdy and stable raft that has countless uses on any body of water.  It can be anchored in deep water as a diving platform, king-of-the-hill spot, or even a makeshift fishing pier.  Bring the platform in shallower as an on the water patio or use it to stay dry when working on the boat.

Built with 1.2mm drop-stitch PVC, the Utility Dock is extremely rigid and stable. The Halkey -Roberts valve means easy filling with an air compressor or electric pump. When you’re done for the weekend or season, the Utility Dock folds up for easy storage when compared to other floats.

Summers in Minnesota are short, but are truly the best days of the year. With the Paddle North Utility Dock, we spend more time out on the water, finding new ways to enjoy every last bit of sun.