Simms Flyweight Hip Hybrid System

Simms reimagined how we carry fly fishing gear with the Flyweight Hip Hybrid System. The Tech Utility Belt features a 5.11 HEXGRID platform that allows you to attach items to it so you customize what you carry each day.

The system comes with a hip belt, a large pod for fly boxes and such, and a large bottle holster. Other accessories (sold separately) include a small pod, a small bottle holster, and a net holster.

A GearJunkie staff member tested it during summer and fall fishing for trout, salmon, and bass. He noted how nice it was to have the option to carry different size pods and that the net holster was really slick. The hip belt itself is comfy and lighter in weight than most hip packs on the market.

The real benefit comes if you have other products from the Flyweight Collection, like the Waders or Pack Vest, as the pods work with those items as well.