ust Learn & Live Knot Tying Kit

No matter what you’re doing outdoors, knowing how to tie the right knot comes in handy. Climbing, camping, or overlanding, there’s a knot for it, whether it’s to get you out of a sticky situation or add convenience to your adventure.

New from ust, the Learn & Live Knot Tying Kit is a small but mighty little tool. Designed to help you practice and learn, the kit has instructional cards for the most common and useful knots for outdoor pursuits. What’s more, it comes in a durable waterproof case, so even if you don’t have all knots memorized, you can keep it on hand as a reference guide.

We’ve tried apps to better our knot-tying skills — and they’re definitely useful. But ust’s Knot-Tying Kit offers a tangible tutorial you can pick up and practice anytime. Plus, this handheld kit is immune to the off-grid perils of electronics, like dead zones and dead batteries. Master your bowline, clove hitch, figure 8, and more (11 useful knots in total).

This kit is great for kids starting out — and equally useful for adults who’ve gotten a little rusty.