Vollebak Indestructible Puffer Jacket

It’s winter, so it’s time to treat yourself to a nice new puffy. Only, instead of the average old baffled down jacket you’re used to, why not go ham and get one that’s nigh-indestructible?

Vollebak, in pure Vollebak fashion, offers an over-the-top spin on this winter staple with the Indestructible Puffer Jacket. As with most insanely durable items these days, the IPJ is made from Dyneema, the wündermaterial that’s stronger than steel and yet ultralight.

Vollebak rates this jacket down to -40 degrees (Fahrenheit and Celsius) and demonstrates it standing up to slashes with a knife. That should help keep all the 600-fill down inside, which is great, considering you paid $1,000 for each and every feather.