Brawny Beauties: Wild Rides From Northwest Overland Rally

The 2018 Northwest Overland Rally marked the event’s eighth year. The all-terrain gathering in Plain, Wash., continues to grow leaps and bounds every year — from about 1,300 attendees last year to 2,000 this year. And the vehicles on display can best be described as equal parts menacing and beautiful.

Chevy Colorado Cabover

The Chevy Colorado is getting really popular in the overland world. This diesel-powered example by Mule Expedition Outfitters is fitted with a Norweld flatbed and Four-Wheel Camper.

Overland Limo

Think about how many people this lifted limo can sleep!


The Fuso-based Earthcruiser is a proven round-the-world luxury yacht on wheels.

German Firetruck

Combine an old German firetruck and a quality composite camper and you get an impressive Euro-style overland machine.

Hemmit 8x8

Pictures can’t provide the scale of this Hemmit 8×8-based beast. “Huge” is an understatement!

Ford Desoto 4x4

Mad Max-style old Desoto sedan on a Ford 4×4 chassis with a rooftop tent.

Stock Chevy Colorado

Even stock, the Chevy Colorado is a great little truck.

Ford E-350 4x4

The van life is always strong at overland gatherings. And the Ford E-Series 4×4 builds are always impressive to see off road.

VW LT 28 Florida Camper & Haflinger

Here’s a pair of German cousins, a VW LT 28 Florida camper van and a Haflinger off-road runabout.

Vintage Military Truck

Old military trucks are getting more and more popular for overland builds.

1954 Dodge M152 Radio Truck

This 1954 Dodge M152 radio truck from the Canadian Armed Forces is an absolute beauty.


Big diesel RAM trucks with AEV components are quite popular. They’re reliable and durable vehicles. This one is built up with a flatbed and canopy from Patriot Campers.

AT Overland Equip. RAM

Another sweet RAM build, but this one has an AT Overland Equipment Habitat camper system.

Toyota FJ40

Sometimes, off-road ability and fun trump comfort. This little Toyota FJ40 and a ground tent make a capable go-anywhere rig.

Classic Toyota

Toytoa pickups last a long time, especially classics like this one.

60 Series Toyota Land Cruiser

There were lots of 60 Series Toyota Land Cruisers at the Rally this year. This extremely clean example from Tor-Fab features a Cummins 2.8-liter diesel crate motor.

70 Series Toyota Land Cruiser Troopy

The 70 Series Toyota Land Cruiser Troopy is probably the overland rig most sought after around the world, especially with a pop-top and diesel under the hood.

Porsche Cayenne

Go fast on and off road. The Porsche Cayenne is an unorthodox overland choice, but a capable, comfortable, fun choice.

Land Rover & FJ Cruiser

Overland vehicles don’t have to be large, as proven by this little Land Rover and Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Land Rover Defender

The classic Land Rover Defender with rooftop tent setup.

Defender 130

Rare, but oh so impressive. The Defender 130 double-cab pickup.

Range Rover

The Range Rover Classic is an inexpensive and capable rig, but it does have questionable reliability.


This Pinzgauer is a super cool little off-road van.

Pinzgauer with RV Trailer

This customized Pinzgauer is practically unstoppable off road and has a tiny RV trailer in tow for camp comfort.

Dodge RAM & Casita Camper

Bruce Dorn, a Canon Master of Light photographer, just built this RAM Eco-Diesel-based overland truck to pull his Casita camper around the country for photoshoots.

200 Series Land Cruiser

The 200 Series Land Cruiser is getting reasonably affordable on the used market these days, and its build is impressively solid. This one pulling an aerodynamic RV trailer is a comfortable and capable overland setup.

Ford Bronco

How can you not like the classic Bronco? This one is pulling a basic tent trailer.

70 Series Toyota Land Cruiser

The 70 Series Toyota Land Cruiser has proven itself for more than 30 years all over the globe. This 70 Series is pulling a proper off-road overland trailer with rooftop tent.

Hellwig Operator Ford F350

The Hellwig Operator Ford F350 build is an absolute beast! The Sherptek bed system in the back offers up a platform for the motorcycle mount, cooking area, and rooftop tent.

Subaru Winching Tacoma

A few Subarus and lots of Toyota Tacomas were at the Rally this year. You don’t often see a Subaru winching a stuck Tacoma!

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Jeep was kind enough to lend me the all-new Wrangler Rubicon JLU for the event. I of course had to show its impressive capabilities on the technical off-road driving course.

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