Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

Huckberry's Compact EDC Kit

Personalize Your Multi-Tool

Customize your multi-tool with Huckberry‘s Compact EDC Kit ($60). Modify it to fit keys, knives, screwdrivers, and a number of other tools in various arrangements. The EDC comes equipped with the ‘Griffin Pocket Tool’, bit driver, and folding knife.

MyCANOE canoe in a backpack

Canoe In A Backpack

Park this canoe in the living room and carry it in the trunk. MyCANOE launches its Kickstarter this month to fund its 14.5-foot, 52-pound foldable canoe. Origami kayaks have already proven popular. Now there’s a collapsible craft for those who love the relaxed stability of a canoe.

Zonyk Pro from Adidas

Auto-Tune Lenses

See clearer and more crisply with the perfect degree of tint. That’s the promise of the Zonyk Pro from Adidas. The brand combined its Light Stabilizing Technology (LST) with auto-adjusting tint to create sunglasses that intensify contrast and eliminate glare. The tech won’t come cheap, at $160 a pair.

Triple Aught Design's Parallax

Ambidextrous Messenger

A messenger sling or relaxed shoulder bag, for either shoulder. Triple Aught Design’s Parallax “defies categorization.” Magnetic buckles on the closure allow one-handed operation, and dual-cam buckles let you lock in your preferred strap configuration. Built with weather-resistant ripstop nylon, the Parallax retails for $300.

Bear Bowl camping pot

Pocket Camping Pot

The Bear Bowl lets you carry cookware in your pocket. Its 32-ounce capacity packs down to a wallet-sized, 5.6-ounce package. No word on price or availability, check the website for updates.

Capuchin by Monkey Faction bike

Monkey Bike

The Capuchin (kah-POOCH-in) by Monkey Faction has small, wide tires, a long, cushy saddle, and scooter-like layout for “easy on/off access.” This is probably not for anyone who prefers speed, agility, or a minimum of questions about their bike. If comfort and ease are priority one, this $450 ride might be the bike to look at.

The Trayvax Contour wallet and Link Stretch lanyard

Rugged Wallet And Lanyard

Organize pocket-carry items with an eye toward durability and function. The Trayvax Contour wallet and Link Stretch lanyard are sold separately but work together. Made in the USA, the $160 Contour is stainless steel with an adjustable leather strap. The $40 Link Stretch extends up to 25 inches and comes with a paracord or split-ring attachment for our keys.

Wiivv 3D printed insole

3D Print Perfect Insoles

Download the app, contour map your feet individually, then have customized insoles delivered to your door. Wiivv launched 3/4-length insoles last year, but just released $89 full-length version for running shoes and hiking boots.

YETI cooler hopper flip two 2

Soft-Sided Cooler Upgrade

Keep your brews colder longer and retrieve them easier. The YETI Hopper TWO upgrades its predecessor with an improved leakproof zipper. The brand claims it makes reaching into the cooler easier, addressing a common gripe. It also has better insulation. The Hopper TWO, which is available in March, will come in one size 30 (pounds of ice). Like all things YETI, this ain’t cheap. Hopper TWO starts at $300.

snow peak field oven

Camping Pizza Oven

Bake your own ‘za the last place you’d expect: the campsite. The Snow Peak Field Oven is collapsible and comes with a carrying bag so you can toss it in the trunk. The $300 oven works with Snow Peak’s grill bridge and fireplace (both sold separately), and it weighs almost 15 lbs. by itself. But, if you need a pizza out in the wild, this is a solid, fancy option.

686 three season jacket

Three-Season Jacket

Quickly shed your waterproof shell for skinning up or hiking, and hang it over your back. The Multi-Jacket from 686 is the brand’s attempt to address heat and sweat build up while working hard. Integrated backpack straps for quick removal are the standout feature. The $300 jacket also sports dual-layer Gore-Tex, front vents, an audio port, and “pockets galore.”

Expert emergency Meddsy kit 70 supplies

Expert Emergency Kit

Be prepared with an emergency kit in your car. The Meddsy kit has 70 supplies to address everything from first aid to toothaches, intestinal infections, even dead car batteries. A modular design lets you customize and organize the kit. The Meddsy is live on Kickstarter with discounts on its $123 retail price.