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Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

Land Surfboard

Practice hanging 10 without getting wet. The LandSurf longboard “scientifically recreates the sensation of surfing” on land. Engineered by a biomechanics PhD, the LandSurf recreates the “pump” that allows surfers to build speed and carve big waves. Live on Indiegogo with discounts on the $269 retail price.

Self-Drying Jacket

Hello, McFly! If the SDJ-02 jacket looks familiar, it’s because the design draws from the “futuristic” jacket from “Back To The Future.” The SDJ-02 has electronic air turbines for drying and cooling modes, and heating pads for warming up. The jacket will retail between $189-$199, depending on style. It’s live on Kickstarter now.

Maritime Smartwatch

Built specifically for fishermen, canoeists, sailors, kayakers, and anyone at sea, Garmin’s $600 Quatix 5 is a smartwatch with nautical-minded functions. In addition to activity and fitness tracking, it can help autopilot compatible boats, set waypoint markers, and stream tide, speed, depth, and wind data.

All-Terrain Trike

Be kind to your keister and still rumble over singletrack. The $2,400 Terra Trike All-Terrain Rambler has three 24″ wheels, a mesh seat, and 20 speeds. The 44-lb. steel frame isn’t meant for smooth-surface speed, but it’s designed to take some off-road abuse.

Modernized ‘Panic Button’

Tap the Wearsafe app for Apple Watch or smartphones and instantly send a GPS location and live audio stream to pre-selected friends and family. The audio is recorded for 60 seconds after the button is tapped to store critical info in event of an emergency. Previous iterations required an additional piece of hardware. The new app works right from your device.

Upgraded Ascensionist Pack

Patagonia improves this stalwart 40L pack with lighter-weight material, a different bottom composition for stability and shape, and a laminated, removable back panel. The Ascensionist 40L Pack is $179.

Camp Lighting System

Charge phones, power peripherals, and light up the whole campsite, BioLite’s modular lighting system gets some new additions. The 500-lumen BaseLantern XL powers the brand’s hanging and string-light systems, and works as a power bank. The $130 BaseLantern XL is freestanding, hang-compatible, and runs from 7.5-78 hours.

Adidas Dirt Goggles

Stronger, more breathable, and more versatile, Adidas built its Backland Dirt Goggles to address common complaints from mountain bikers and motocrossers. The anti-fog Backland Dirt goggles also sport a removable nose guard for preferred fit with enduro and full-face helmets.

Designer Downhill Bars

Crush MTB races with style. Trvativ collaborated with Troy Lee Designs to create the carbon enduro and aluminum downhill (pictured) riser bars. Dubbed the Descendant CoLab series, the $200 carbon bars weigh 219g, and the $100 aluminum bars weigh 349g.

Chaco and United By Blue Collab

Sandal company Chaco and apparel brand United By Blue teamed up to make a summertime line for water play. But it goes beyond function and fashion. For every product sold, the brands remove one pound of trash from the oceans and waterways through company-organized cleanups. Included are sandals, a hat, tote bag, and swim trunks.

Expandable Poncho

Stay warm, stay dry, stay… cuddly? WALLREST‘s fleece-lined, waterproof “rain blanket” lets wearers zip their ponchos together to share body heat. It might not be a fit for narrow trails, but it could be great for watching the kids play sportsball.

Titanium Hammer

Pass this hammer down to future generations of budding bike mechanics. Abbey Bike Tools touts this 12″ titanium hammer as the world’s best and claims it will last “multiple generations.” It has a replaceable soft face, weighs 265 grams, and costs $180.

Fly Fishing On The Go

Stow everything you need for an impromptu fishing trip in your backpack, purse, or suitcase. Tenkara’s $199 Mini-Sawtooth Rod Package has a collapsible 8’8″ rod that packs down to under 14″. The 1.1-oz. pack contains rod, fly line, line clips, spool, and three hand-tied flies.

Hemp Skateboard

Shred the gnar, sustainably. Rolkaz launches a skateboard deck that is made entirely with hemp and flax fibers, bound together with plant-based resin. The 24″ and 28″ boards are available on Kickstarter starting at $120 for the deck.

Messenger Cooler Pack

Hike the trails or cruise the streets with a case of cold ones. Cold Shoulder Bags launched a line of cooler packs for hiking, backpacking, camping, and urban bike riding (messenger pack pictured). The packs vary in size and configuration, from backpack to shoulder sling, and hold 12 to 24 cans.

Mega-Pocket Hoodie

Store a full-size and mini iPad, water bottle, keys, camera, phone, I.D., sunglasses, pens, and more, all in your sweatshirt. SCOTTeVEST upgrades its Hoodie Cotton from 10 pockets to 19. It’s made from a cotton/poly blend and costs $95.

Bat Identification Device

Add a face to your greatest fear! Actually, the Echo Meter Touch 2 does for bat enthusiasts what bird-watching apps do for bird enthusiasts. The Echo Meter identifies bats by their ultrasonic echolocation calls. The app and expensive attachments ($179-$349) are compatible with iPhones and iPads

Cinching Gear Straps

Replace gear ties, duct tape, bungee cords, twine, rope, and even glue, with these straps. At least, that’s the claim by MUTDUT of its Multi-Cinch. The straps weigh about an ounce, come in three sizes that interlock, and are made of thermoplastic. Live on Kickstarter starting at $7.

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