Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

world's smallest adapter micro

World’s Smallest Adapter

Keep power in your pocket ready for almost any country in the world with the $45 MICRO adapter. It works in more than 150 countries and all seven continents. The extendable pins can twist, turn, and lock to almost any outlet on Earth.

yeti magslider lid lock

Locking Yeti Lid

No more splashes from your Rambler. YETI’s $10 MagSlider lid will use a magnetic sliding tab to prevent splash-out when the Rambler jostles. It’s shatter-resistant, dishwasher safe, and works with 10-, 20-, and 30-oz. Rambler lowball and tumblers.

timbuk2 closer case

Briefcase Messenger

Stow professional belongings in this shoulder-strap briefcase meant for urban commuters. The weather-resistant Timbuk2 Closer Case, launching this month, has reflective accents and side-entry pockets. It will be available in 8L and 10L, $149-$159.

solar wallet charging phone

Solar-Power Wallet

Protect your identity and charge your devices with this leather wallet. The RFID-blocking Solar Wallet has an integrated charging cable for USB, lightning, and micro-USB ports. The internal power bank recharges with external solar panels or by connecting to a power source. The Solar Wallet retails for $199.

vitali smart bra

Smart Bra

Sensors tucked behind soft fabric make the $249 VITALI smart bra, “the world’s first fashionable, comfortable smart bra.” The VITALI monitors breathing patterns, posture, and heart rate variability (HRV) to determine the onset of stress. If you slouch, breathe shallowly, or your HRV suddenly changes, the bra notifies you with “gentle taps” and through a smartphone app. Available with discounts on Kickstarter.


nordic wood thousand helmet

Theft-Proof Vegan Helmet

For fashion-minded commuters, Thousand helmets EPOCH collection has wood-grain graphics, a hidden U-Lock loop, and vegan leather chinstraps. Plus, the brand will replace the $115 helmet if it’s stolen when locked.

kahush hemp backpack

Hemp Backpack

Made from one of the strongest natural fibers, the Kahush Asa backpack has a 100-percent hemp exterior. It has a stash pocket, internal laptop sleeve, daisy-chain gear loops, and is water-resistant. The Asa will retail for $199, but has early-bird discounts on Kickstarter.

foodcell bike box

Aerodynamic Snacking

Refuel without breaking wind (not that kind of wind). The FoodCell food case bolts or straps to the top tube of a bike and claims it has more capacity than any aero food carrier on the market. It holds four 60mL gels and can be opened with one finger. Available on Kickstarter from $51.

k9 sport sack air

Puppy Pack

Is your pooch pooped? Tuck Fido into the K9 Sport Sack Air. New for 2017, the $70 Sport Sack Air has fully vented sides to keep your puppy cool, an integrated D-ring to keep him or her secure, a sternum-strap dog whistle, and more. Suitable for dogs around 14-23 inches long.

carv ski wearable

Smallest Ski Wearable

Track form and foot position, record runs, and compare technique against your friends with the Carv ski-boot insert. Insert the insole and clip on the attached tracker, and the Carv sends real-time coaching feedback on motion and pressure distribution to your phone. It also analyzes flips and tricks. Available on Indiegogo for $100 off the $399 retail price.