Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

Boa Seat Roll

Cinch tight the bare essentials and repair gear for your bike. SILCA unveils the Premio Seat Roll, which the brand claims is the first compact saddle bag on the market to use a Boa closure. The $48 Premio features waterproof waxed canvas with reflective threads, and has three pockets fit for CO2 cartridges, a multi-tool, and inner tubes.

survival pen breaking glass

Survival Pen

Always have a plan B at the ready with the 4-in-1 Tactical Pen from Survival Hax. Inside the 1.6-oz. aluminum pen sits a magnesium ferro rod to help start an emergency fire. The pen cap doubles as a center punch to break a window, and at the other end is a small LED light. Of course, it also functions as an ordinary refillable pen.


E-Assist Trike

Add even more comfort to your “bike” ride with Terra Trike’s latest three-wheeler, the e-assist Rambler E.V.O. (electric vehicle option). Launched this week, the E.V.O. uses a five-phase motor that reduces pedal resistance found in other e-trikes and has a reverse feature. The $3,000 trike sports a 750-watt battery that lasts up to 60 miles.

shore ride sup kayak carrier on bike

Sup And Kayak Carrier

Haul your board to the beach without fighting traffic. Pull the Shore Ride SUP and Kayak carrier, launched this week, with your hands, or strap it to your bike. There are no permanent fittings to install, and the Shore Ride has neoprene fittings to protect and accommodate multiple paddle board and kayak designs.

fire piston starter

Wind-Proof Fire Starter

Ignite tinder with the push of a button, even in high-wind environments. Unveiled to the public this month, the Clickspring Fire Piston uses “ancient technology” that works on the same principle as a diesel engine. Push the piston down fast enough, and create a high-temperature burst that ignites the char cloth. The $89 Fire Piston weighs 5.6 oz. and measures just over 5″.

talisker boots flask

Flask Boots

Hike. Sip. Repeat. Oliver Sweeney partnered with Talisker single-malt scotch whisky to create a limited-edition gift set. For $772, you get a bottle of Talisker’s 10-year-old single-malt, a 2-oz hip flask, and a specially designed pair of Italian leather boots with built-in flask pocket and micro-compass.


Kevlar Hoodie

Pass this hoodie down to your grandchildren. Vollebak launches the 100-year-hoodie, made entirely of Kevlar. Not only does this $295 hoodie come with a Mars-guarantee, which covers it against temps found on the Red Planet’s poles, it’s guaranteed to survive 2,000 washes, 4,000 wears, and 100 accidents.


Eco Dog Bed

Upcycled pants, cutting room scraps, and 10-percent proceeds to animal welfare, Toad&Co.’s Eco Dog Bed has it all. The outer is made from upcycled outdoor pants, it’s filled with material scrap from other Toad&Co. products, and 10-percent of sales go to animal care and outreach. Available for small, medium, and large dogs.


Penny Longboard

Learn to carve with a minimum of scrapes and stitches. Penny Skateboards launches version two (V2) of its longboards with more flexible decks, smaller wheels, and a lower ride for beginners. The $150 V2 Longboard is 36″ long and comes with a lifetime warranty.


Kids Filtration Bottle

Keep the kids hydrated at the campsite with LifeStraw’s youth-oriented water filtration bottles. Launching in September, the $40 LifeStraw Play is a 10-oz., BPA-free filtration bottle that has colorful, customizable caps to make clean water something the kids will enjoy.


Lighter Head Protection

Add a layer of protection to your bike helmet. Shred offers its take on rotational-force protection as an alternative to the popular MIPS technology. It claims its 2018 Rotational Energy System (available August) is lighter and thinner than competing technologies. Plus, its network of eight half-inch dots cushion and slide against the outer shell to mimic the “behavior of the fluid between the skull and the brain.”


Sustainable Cookware

Cook your next camp meal with organic bamboo, cotton, hemp, and cork. Bambu Outdoor launches into the camp cookware market with its line of sustainably sourced Grubware, including serving spoons, sporks, forks knives, cutting boards, and its trademark Spoontula (half spoon, half spatula). Available now.