Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

neematic electric mtb dirt bike

High-Powered E-Bike

Pedal up the mountain at 50 mph! Neematic blurs the lines between bicycle and motorcycle a bit more with the FR/1. The 115-lb., 15-kilowatt, full-suspension beast is technically pedal-powered. With its weight, power, and price, this $9,100 rig is for serious dirt riding, not daily commutes around town.

parkclaw innov8

Lightweight A/T Runner

Run down the block and into the wilds with Innov-8’s PARKCLAW 275, a lightweight trail runner that isn’t too luggy on pavement. Each shoe is just over 9.5 oz. and sports an 8mm drop, with a 24.5mm stack at the heel, $125.

Sierra Designs Nitro 35 degree

Roomy Mummy

Keep your body warm longer, and your feet vented in the Sierra Designs 2017 Nitro (available fall). In 0-, 20-, and 35-degree (pictured) options, the Nitro mummy sleeping bag is built to provide more room with 5-inch horizontal and sidewall baffles. The tech supposedly prevents shifting insulation and cold spots. The 800-fill bag will retail between $300-$380, depending on rating.

canondale synapse

Smoother Ride

Give yourself one less thing to endure on the next endurance ride. Cannondale’s Synapse line is built to take more bumps out of long road rides, thanks to the brand’s SAVE micro-suspension. The carbon frame and fork have engineered flex zones, as does the seat post. The crown jewel is Synapse’s single-piece, adjustable SAVE handlebar (with integrated stem). The models begin at $2,000 and run up to $10,000 (pictured) with varying groupsets.

nike flyknite bra

Flyknit Bra

For the first time, Nike incorporates its famous lightweight Flyknit shoe design into apparel: Sports bras. The FE/NOM Flyknit Bra is 30-percent lighter than the brand’s other sports bras. That’s because it has two panels and a single binding, where other bras have up to 41 pieces and 22 seams. The FE/NOM will be available next week on Nike.com.


Packable Safe

Keep all your valuables and travel necessities safe when you travel. The FlexSafe+ is the latest innovation from AquaVault. This portable storage bag attaches to chairs and bike frames, has a combination lock, motion alarm and solar bank to charge electronics. Also, the material is slash-resistant and RFID-blocking. It’s live on Indiegogo starting at $59.

condor lcx boot

Stalking Boot

Outlast your prey with all-weather footwear. The Chameau Condor LCX, now available in the U.S., has a Michelin-designed outsole, five-layer waterproof lining, and leather upper. The $400, 3.2 lb. boots are rated to keep feet warm down to 14-degrees F.


Hemp Dog Bed

Give Fido a comfier place to sleep that’s easier on the environment, too. The AstroPad is 77% hemp and 23% recycled poly, and is stuffed with 50% scrap production foam. The $170 dog bed is available in three sizes.

Granite Gear Pack
Infrared t shirt spiritus

Infrared Shirts

Regenerate cells, increase blood circulation, and boost your energy–with a shirt. That’s the claim behind SPIRITUS, an activewear line that uses “exclusive fabric that combines infrared and silver technology.” Silver fabric reduces odors, which isn’t new, but SPIRITUS advertises “thermal reactive minerals” that convert body heat from exercise into infrared waves. According to the brand, the material will provide health and performance benefits to the body. Live on Kickstarter now.

theragun therapeutic gun

Therapeutic Gun

Finally, a gun that actually makes people feel better. The TheraGun is a massage aid that provides “percussive force on the muscle” to increase blood flow. The G2PRO has improved ergonomics and extended battery life. Available for pre-order now, this relaxing firearm will set you back $600.