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Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

A peek at emerging products, culled from crowd-source sites like Kickstarter, PR campaigns, and industry scoops on the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

Handheld Light Cannon

The X7 Marauder blasts 9,000 lumens from a “soda can”-size flashlight. Powered by four lithium batteries, the unit’s 12 light-emitting cores can scorch the night. Kick it down to one of six lower settings and you get 3,000 lumens for three hours. It goes on sale today for $200.

A Better Bear Canister?

The Hunny is an ultralight (as light as 8 oz.) bear-resistant canister developed by a materials-science engineer. It comes in three sizes starting at $19.

New Wood-Burning Stove Design

Leave the fuel at home and burn found sticks with the nCamp Stove, a compact unit that collapses flat. It weighs 15 ounces and costs $50.

Ibex Wool Denim

Yes, this is denim made from 60% wool. These made-in-USA bluejeans, a partnership with Noble, will keep you warm when wet but feel strikingly similar to most denim. The downside? They carry a $300 price tag.

No-Bake Tent

Made for hot climates, this tent keeps you cool even in the sun. A dual-layer reflective material bounces solar rays and keeps the heat out. Extra-large vents allow for airflow. You can get one on Kickstarter starting at $470.

Next-Gen Speedcross Shoes

A redesigned (and extra toothy!) tread pattern and a slimmed midsole are some of the upgrades on Salomon’s stalwart Speedcross trail shoe. This 4th iteration, the Speedcross 4, is in stores this month for $130.

Lightweight Tripod

The MeFOTO Air series are light tripods that can manage significant payloads. All four models (three tripods and a monopod) weigh under three pounds. The Backpacker Air Tripod, at 1.98 pounds and $125, caught our attention.

Digitally-Monitored Stihl Chainsaw Engine

A new line of pro-level Stihl chainsaws uses “digital engine management” to compensate for changes in work conditions, including elevation, fuel quality, octane levels and dirty air filters.

Light-up Bike Bag

The Brixton Messenger Bag by Lumo has built-in LEDs that can be seen from 400 meters away. Get one now for $130.

Fishing Net ‘Gives Back’

The Kalmath Net is a collaboration between Western Rise and PNW Landing Nets. It’s a beauty, made with white maple and walnut, shaped, contoured, and painted in the U.S.A. All profits from the net are donated to the Western Rivers Conservancy, which is emblazoned on the net handle. Find it online for $300.

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