Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

flarepro bike light

‘Pyro’ Bike Light

With electronics molded into clear silicone, the FlarePro “shines in the same way as a real pyrotechnic flare,” except for no fire and smoke. You get 180 degrees of illumination from a bank of “under-driven” LEDs, the company explains, making an efficient, long-burning glow.

priority continuum

New Take On Winter Bike

Belt drive, all-weather fenders, rust-resistant aluminum, and gears that aren’t gears. With the Priority Continuum‘s “infinitely” adjustable range, you can adjust the resistance on your bike like a dimmer switch on a light.

vuarnet edge

Legendary Glasses, Reinvented

A unique look and quality build made French sunglasses maker Vuarnet popular in the ’80s and ’90s. The brand is back, but with modern styling, including the Edge model. The Vuarnet collection has stainless-steel frames, acetate rims, and the brand’s hallmark, French-made mineral-glass lenses.

Silca Tattico

Tactical Mini-Pump

A sleek entry from Silca, the $55 Tattico is touted as the “mini-pump that actually works.” The Tattico is frame-mountable and includes a hose that slips into the unit’s 9.5-inch frame, allowing maneuverability as you inflate.

maglock vault

Magnetic Bike Pedal

Clip-in security via strong magnetic force distinguish the Vault by MagLOCK. The platform-pedal has removable magnets that secure to your shoe with a metal plate (instead of traditional cleats). At 500 grams, the plastic-composite Vault is lighter than its aluminum predecessor.

adventure santa claus

Adventure Santa

An outdoorsy alternative to “elf on a shelf,” Adventure Santa has a backpack to hold notes for kids and other surprises. He comes with a book that tells the story of an adventurous Christmas tale.

orbi prime

360-Degree Recording Sunglasses

Record everything around you without moving your head, or hands. The ORBI Prime sunglasses have two front and two rear-facing 1080p cameras. They are water resistant and record up to 90 minutes of video at a charge. The cost is $530 on the company’s Indiegogo campaign now.


‘Speedpocket’ Shorts

Runners need to carry keys, a phone, maybe a wallet. But carrying these items can be cumbersome. Under Armour introduces its solution with the Speedpocket. These shorts have a water-resistant, secure pocket on the front for your phone, keys, and more. They’re designed to keep things stable as you run.

1620 workwear