Sea Doo Fish Pro

Sea-Doo Launches First PWC for Anglers, the ‘Fish Pro’

A built-in fish finder, a dedicated well cooler, and a host of other purpose-built features combine to usher in a new wave of personal watercraft with the Sea-Doo Fish Pro.

Fishing and Sea-Doos typically don’t mix. Where one requires patience and stealth, the other thrives on speed and wave-breaking maneuvers.

But within the last few years, a new pastime has emerged that combines the two activities: personal watercraft (PWC) fishing. And last month, Sea-Doo launched the first PWC built specifically for anglers.

Sea Doo Fish Pro

Now available for order, the Sea-Doo Fish Pro looks like the luxury SUV cousin of the sporty PWCs we’re all familiar with. And it offers a host of goodies you find on any other PWC.

Sea-Doo Fish Pro: PWC for Anglers

To start, the Fish Pro is a big machine. Bumper to bumper, the Fish Pro measures 12.25 feet, 11.5 inches longer than Sea-Doo’s other crafts. According to the brand, this provides more space to fish and board, and it makes the Fish Pro more stable when fighting lunkers in rough water.

Sea Doo Fish Pro

Plus, Sea-Doo equips the Fish Pro with a Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 62cv and a 6-inch screen. This provides the pilot with navigation, charting, and fish-finding capability.

There’s also a 13.5-gallon cooler built into the stern to store your catch. The cooler sports four rod-holders, a recessed work surface, trolling slots, and storage for bait and tackle.

Sea Doo Fish Pro

In addition, Sea-Doo shaped the Fish Pro to be more fishing-friendly. Angled gunwales allow anglers to prop their feet up when casting port or starboard. And the Fish Pro’s long bench seat lets the driver turn sideways and fish laterally.

Sea Doo Fish Pro

There’s also a watertight front storage compartment big enough for a tackle box, extra sunscreen and towels, or other quick-access items. And a dedicated phone dry box with shock-absorbing foam sleeve keeps sensitive electronics protected and accessible.

Sea Doo Fish Pro

The Fish Pro can handle three passengers and has a 600-pound load capacity. A Rotax 1503 NA engine powers the craft, which also offers a low-speed trolling mode.

The Sea-Doo Fish Pro starts at $14,799. You can learn more and build out your own here.

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