'Wearable Sleeping Bag' Is 30 Outfits In One

‘Wearable Sleeping Bag’ Is 30 Outfits In One

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File this in Too Weird To Not Share. The Somnambula is a wearable sleeping bag concept, like a Snuggie, if a Snuggie went feral and survived in the woods for 10 years alone.


You know that feeling when you’re wearing a sweater and you suddenly wish you’d worn a tunic instead? Or when you wake up in your tent and need to immediately change into a cocktail dress?

We didn’t think so. But you should still check out this bizarre video of the “30-in-1 wearable sleeping bag” prototype, the Somnambula. It’s hilarious, but oddly compelling.

According to the maker, Gleb Skorobogatov, a Ukrainian survival instructor, the “jersey tube” uses a combination of zippers to go from coveralls, to a “vest with wings,” to a balaclava, and yes, a sleeping bag.

We can’t tell from the creepy iridescent-glow demonstration how long it takes to transform from one garment to the next, but it is evidently limited only by your imagination.

It also appears to be the same cloak worn by the grim specter of Death. Neat!

somnambula 3

You can check out Skorobogatov’s Kickstarter draft for info on potential price and color options. Or to suggest another use!

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