‘Squat Strap’ Is Hilarious, Just Might Work

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So, you’re out in the woods and gotta number two. What’s a boy or girl to do?

Well, most of us just go ahead and pop a squat. But if you need a little, uh, assistance, this product’s got you covered.

The Squat Strap is a real thing. Go ahead and make jokes — the company certainly did with its video.

Sure, you could just lean against a tree, or squat, or use a rope. But then it wouldn’t have the awesome name!

While the Squat Strap is available on Amazon (just one left, so you better hurry!), it seems to have fallen out of production and the website is no longer up.

If you really want something like this, we’re pretty sure you can figure out how to do so with a few feet of webbing and a carabiner.

Can’t figure out how to make your own? You can pre-order a similar product, the Loop and Poop, for $20 online.

Happy squatting!

Can’t get enough Squat Strap? Check out the full-length infomercial below.