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Quick Clip: ‘Capture’ Upgrades Your Camera Carry

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‘The best damn way to carry a camera.’ That is the bold claim Peak Design makes about its revamped Capture product.

Attach a Capture to a backpack strap to create a secure dock for your DSLR or mirrorless camera.

The product gained a core following from photographers around the globe in 2013 after a successful Kickstarter. And we tested the previous design—check out the review here.

This month, the San Francisco-based product design company revamped the Capture. The 5-day-only Kickstarter has raised nearly $500,000 within the first 30 hours and is proving even more popular than the original. As a bonus, it costs $55, which is $10 less than its predecessor, the CapturePRO.

New Capture (above) is smaller, thinner than the original
New Capture (above) is smaller, thinner than the original

Note: This article is sponsored by Peak Design to serve as an overview of the product; this is not a review. (We have the Capture in-house and will test the new version soon to offer feedback for readers.)

Peak Design’s Capture (version 3)

Peak Design notes its latest product is made from “no plastic, all metal,” meaning steel locking pins and an aluminum alloy chassis with an anodized finish.

The brand reduced size for a lower profile and a narrower, lighter design. But the function didn’t change much. Like the original, the new Capture docks a camera with a plate attached to the base.

camera attachment
Keeps a camera “rigidly secure, yet instantly accessible with the click of a button”

The Capture system lets you carry nearly any camera on a backpack strap, belt, bag strap, or other webbing.

This gives a place to clip and unclip, keeping the camera holstered but readily accessible.

Click a button to release the camera. It slides out and is ready to shoot when the moment arrives.

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New Design, Same Performance

The metal unit hinges open and clamps onto a backpack strap via threaded bolts.

The company notes a 200-pound weight limit for the attachment, which is obviously overkill for any camera. But the whopping weight limit should provide peace of mind that the Capture will not fail.

Check out the new Capture at the company’s Kickstarter. The $55 product is available through this week, with the campaign pausing on Friday, Nov. 10, as Peak Design moves toward production.

Capture camera 'holster'
Capture camera ‘holster’ (version 3)

‘Slide’ Camera Straps

In addition to the Capture, the company sells two camera straps with a unique fastening design on the same Kickstarter campaign.

See the image below. They have a low-profile design with silicone grip and an internal pad. Take a look at the Slide ($50) and Slide Lite ($35) for your DSLR or mirrorless camera.

–This post is sponsored by Peak Design. See the company’s full Kickstarter here.

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