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Nikon Ignored Women And People Are Pissed

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When Nikon created a team of 32 pro photographers to tout its D850 camera, it didn’t include a single woman. People are not happy.

Nikon D850 Ignored Women

The Nikon D850 is a workhorse camera. Its 45.7-megapixel full-frame sensor shoots 4k video and creates 8k time-lapses and costs $3,300. The list of superlatives goes on. But all that was overshadowed a couple days ago when the brand released a list of 32 photographers on its D850 Team.

It did not include a single woman.

Public Response

Outrage quickly followed after a report on a photography website FStoppers titled “Is the Nikon D850 for Men Only?” The article quickly ballooned and was soon in the New York Times.

Nikon Apology

Nikon apologized for what it called an “unfortunate circumstance.” The brand notes that it does have seven women among its 24 North American ambassadors (not exactly parity).

“We apologize for this unfortunate circumstance – it is not reflective of the value we place on female photographers and their enormous contributions to the field of photography. We champion all passionate photographers and women are an integral part of this community. There are talented women serving as members of the Nikon USA Ambassador program that play a pivotal role in representing the Nikon brand. We know the conversation happening is an important one. We appreciate the need to continue to improve the representation of women in this field, and recognize our responsibility to support the immense creative talent of female photographers.” — Nikon Apology via Twitter.

In a profession with many talented female practitioners, for Nikon to gloss over women in what must have been an expensive and highly orchestrated marketing endeavor is remarkably foolish. And, for many, it could prove unforgivable.

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