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Candle Power: LED Lantern Runs On Flame

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[leadin]’What if you could light up a room with just one candle?’ That question is posed by Lumir, a Korea-based company with a simple solution for illuminating dark places with a small flame.[/leadin]


The product, the Lumir C, looks like a tiny lighthouse. Its function is simple: Place a tea light candle underneath for heat, and the unit converts the heat into electricity to power an LED light on top.

The result is a massive increase in brightness. A single tea light candle offers less than one lumen of light, the company states. But by powering the Lumir C, that same tea candle creates up to 60 lumens of brightness, which is enough to light up a small room.

Mood version (left) offers 15 lumens of brightness; Spot on right, 60 lumens

No batteries or cords are required. The product relies on a principle that converts a temperature difference between two types of semi-conductors into electricity.

Off-Grid Light Source

Made with humanitarian purposes in mind, the company hopes to get a version of its product into off-grid houses around the world.


Where kids strain their eyes to read a textbook or moms and dads prepare meals and do work in the dark the company hopes its product can shed some brighter light.

For now, Lumir is selling its product via Kickstarter. They cost $59.

Lumir C units come in a “mood” (15 lumen) and “spot” type (60 lumens) builds. The candle-power lanterns can be used camping or indoors as a small lamp. They look nice and will blend in for use in a kitchen, living room, on a picnic table or your front porch.

–See more at the Lumir C Kickstarter page and Lumirlight.com.

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