Casio Pro Trek PRTB50-1 watch on a rock.

Casio Pro Trek PRTB50-1: Your Wrist-Bound Adventure Guide

Casio launches the first of its Pro Trek series watches to include smartphone functionality.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on Explorersweb.

The Pro Trek PRTB50-1 is Casio’s first Pro Trek watch to include Smartphone Link functionality via the Pro Trek Connected app and Casio’s Quad Sensor technology.

The Quad Sensor refers to four metrics measured by three sensors in the Pro Trek PRTB50-1 watch. Those sensors detect compass bearings, barometric pressure/altitude, and temperature. And thanks to a built-in accelerometer, it can also count your steps.

These functions aren’t meant to replace a traditional compass or a map. But they can provide an easily accessible and informed look at route progress as well as forecast when you’ll reach a future location.

Learn More About the Casio Pro Trek PRTB50-1

Hand on a tree with a Casio Pro Trek watch.

Casio Pro Trek PRTB50-1 Adventure Watch

The Pro Trek PRTB50-1 is geared toward hikers, campers, climbers, and all outdoor adventurers. Let’s get into what it can do for you.


The altimeter calculates current altitude based on location and atmospheric pressure changes. To get the most accurate readings, set the altimeter at a trailhead or other known landmark to establish a base altitude.


Every 2 hours, the barometer measures the weather based on atmospheric pressure. The watch’s graphic display indicates whether pressure is trending upward, a sign that weather is likely to improve, or downward, meaning that worse weather could be setting in.

Casio Pro Trek PRTB50 on wrist next to jacket sleeve.

Digital Compass

A direction function can detect magnetic north and then align the watch’s display of north with that of your topographic map. It also allows you to convert magnetic north to true north for further measurements.

The compass includes a bearing memory display to point the way based on a stored direction. This is displayed by the 12 o’clock position of the watch face and aids navigation in low-visibility conditions such as fog.


The thermometer feature can predict the temperature of your destination based on the temperature at your current location.

This projection is based on a set calculation that temperatures generally decrease by 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit for every increase of 1,000 feet of elevation. In metric terms, if the temperature at 1,000 m is 10 degrees Celsius, for example, the temperature at 3,000 m will probably be about -3 degrees C.

Of course, this rate may differ at higher elevations, and it’s certainly different depending on weather conditions such as rain or snow. It can be helpful, however, when planning ahead or to recognize how your body feels at certain temps while spending time outdoors.

Battery Life, Other Functions

All features of the PRTB50-1 are built over Casio’s Pro Trek frame, which runs on a lithium coil cell battery with an approximate battery life of 2 years. That’s not something your smartwatch can boast.

And the watch is water-resistant down to 100 m. Other functions include a full auto LED light, a calendar, and sunrise and sunset times. A rotating bezel feature also helps with orienteering.

Looking over the should of a person using phone to taking a photo with Casio watch on wrist.

Use the App to Unlock More Features

To get more out of the Pro Trek PRTB50-1, sync it with the Pro Trek Connected app (for iOS and Android) via Bluetooth to access more outdoor-specific functions. Here’s the breakdown.

Route Log

The app records altitude using data from the watch and GPS data from your smartphone. You can also enter altitude data along the route and plot that.

While hiking along a route, pull out your phone to snap photos. The watch will automatically tag them with your location and store them that way. It definitely comes in handy when doing field research or noting your next bouldering or fishing spot.

Calories Burned

Track how many calories you’ve burned from each activity you track. The app approximates the calories burned based on the steps counted and changes in altitude readings. You can find this information in the trip’s activity log once you’ve completed the activity.

Location Indicator

Using the watch buttons, you can save your current location in the app. In this mode, the compass bearing of the saved location lets the second hand work as a wayfinding indicator. The distance is also displayed on the LCD screen.

Casio PRO TREK sitting on a rock on the water.

Customizable Mode/Display

This watch offers the ability to switch modes straight from the app — and even change the order in which they appear on the watch display. The same goes for the default information displayed on the LCD screen. This customization lets you prioritize which functions you use the most!

Stay in Tune

Through data on your smartphone, the Casio Pro Trek PRTB50-1 automatically adjusts its time and altitude so you never lose track.

Mobile Phone Finder

As if all that weren’t enough, you can locate your phone easily when connected to your watch — even when it’s on silent — using the Find Your Phone feature.

This article is sponsored by Casio. Learn more about the Pro Trek watches here.

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