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Power Savings: The EcoFlow Christmas Sale Has Big Discounts on Power Stations

EcoFlow is having a Christmas sale on its portable power stations and solar panels. These stations will bring power to any RV, job site, or backyard party.

‘Tis the season to save on portable power and solar panels! You can save hundreds during the sale and enjoy the extra power source in time for the December holidays.

Whether you need a backup or have off-the-grid needs, EcoFlow makes a variety of power stations with an emphasis on quick recharges and compatibility. And if you go Clark Griswold with the lights this year, an EcoFlow DELTA power station can get your more essential appliances up and running again.

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EcoFlow Christmas Sale

From the RIVER mini to a DELTA Max (1600) bundled with solar panels, these EcoFlow portable power stations let you power up any environment to feel more like home.

EcoFlow RIVER mini (Power at Hand): $259 ($90 Off)

EcoFlow RIVER mini

The smallest EcoFlow station, the RIVER mini will fit in a backpack so you can bring power to the campsite for charging phones and a Bluetooth speaker. It charges in 1.5 hours and works with nearly all electronics.

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EcoFlow DELTA mini (Prosumer Backup Power): $849 ($150 Off)

EcoFlow DELTA mini

The DELTA has an 882Wh capacity to power up outdoor projects for work or play and makes itself useful at home as a backup as well. It can get 300W from solar panels to fully recharge in 3 to 6 hours. Plugged into a wall, it can do that in 96 minutes.

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EcoFlow DELTA (Essential Backup Power): $1,099 ($300 Off)


DELTA is for bigger projects and professional needs thanks to its 1,260Wh capacity. That’s enough juice to charge 13 devices simultaneously while it recharges itself from zero to 100% in 1.6 hours. EcoFlow claims this is 10 times the speed of most portable power stations in the market.

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EcoFlow DELTA Max (Home Backup Power Master): $1,899 ($200 Off)

EcoFlow DELTA Max

By itself, the DELTA Max unit packs a 2,000Wh capacity. Add on some Smart Extra Batteries and its capacity grows to 6kWh. That’s enough power for major home appliances and lights during a blackout.

If that’s still not enough, EcoFlow’s X-Boost technology and DELTA Max can power heavy-duty devices up to 3,400W. According to EcoFlow, it recharges to 80% in 65 minutes.

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DELTA Bundle (EcoFlow DELTA and 2 110W Solar Panels): $1,499 ($698 Off)

EcoFlow DELTA + 1_110W Solar Panel

This bundle pairs an EcoFlow DELTA Portable Power Station with two 110W Solar Panels for improved charging in cloudy or cold environments. Used together, the station can fully recharge in 7 to 14 hours.

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DELTA Max (1600) Bundle (EcoFlow DELTA Max (1600) and 4 110W Solar Panels): $2,299 ($1,100 Off)

DELTA Max (1600) + 4_110W Solar Panel

A scaled-down version of the DELTA Max, the DELTA Max (1600) has a capacity of 1,612Wh and can power 15 devices at once with a 2,000W output. Used with X-Boost mode, it can even power some 2,800W appliances. The bundle comes with four 110W solar panels that should fully charge the station in 4.5 to 9 hours.

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Invest in Backup Power

Whether you need a campsite charger for smartphones and camping gadgets or a backup to keep a home refrigerator running during a power outage, EcoFlow makes a portable power station to fit your needs.

And, of course, it can power Christmas lights, too.

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This post is sponsored by EcoFlow. Find out more about its portable power stations online.

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