Hot Wheels Zoom In

Hot Wheels, GoPro Launch POV Toy Car

Plunge, twist, and loop-the-loop — now you can ride along in your favorite Hot Wheels car!

Hot Wheels is celebrating its 50th anniversary by putting you in the driver’s seat. The American toy car brand has teamed up with GoPro to launch a one-of-a-kind “driving” experience.

Dubbed the Hot Wheels Zoom In, this diecast Hot Wheels car is purpose-built to mount a GoPro. The GoPro HERO Session and HERO 5 Session are recommended. This allows us to see the POV we all dreamed of as kids.

Photo credit: YongTing Neoh

GoPro + Hot Wheels Zoom In

Want to see what it looks like from the driver’s seat in that upside-down loop? Over that massive jump? In that 10-car Hot Wheels pileup? The new Hot Wheels Zoom In makes it all possible.

Build the ultimate Hot Wheels track and shoot it from a variety of angles with your GoPro, including the driver’s seat. Think of the Facebook and YouTube videos you can create — and watch!

Hot Wheels Zoom In car
Photo credit: QianYing Ooi

Plus, this could be a great tool to teach kids how to create and edit videos.

Though the car itself costs just over a buck, this will be a pricy POV shot as the GoPro is not included. Still, a teaser vid from GoPro makes this look like a fun investment:

This cool new video angle opportunity is an amazing value if you already have a GoPro, as the Hot Wheels Zoom In is only $1.09. It will be available “everywhere Hot Wheels are sold” — which is just about everywhere. It hits shelves this month.

Bryon Dorr

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