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Invoxia’s Smart Dog Collar Is a Fitness Tracker for Your Pooch

invoxia smart dog collar
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Invoxia’s wearable tech for pets is the first consumer device to use artificial intelligence to monitor pet health. The brand says the dog collar delivers a ‘360-degree view’ of canine health, and 1 million hours of testing went into its GPS function.

The Smart Dog Collar is an adaptation hiding so blatantly in plain sight that it’s bound to give you “Why didn’t I think of that?” syndrome. The collar functions like an Apple Watch for your best friend, combining AI data analysis with biometric sensors, accelerometers, and neural network capabilities.

The associated app helps owners monitor their dog’s health and whereabouts at all times. The biometric collar, developed with input from veterinary specialists, identifies health problems before any visible signs surface.

The collar works by measuring respiratory and heart rates and detecting odd behavior. From there, it can send an alert to the app, facilitating pre-emptive treatment of a wide range of disorders.

invoxia smart dog collar

Smart Dog Collar Health Monitoring

The Invoxia system can collect relevant information for post-surgery recovery, medication response, cardiac disease, and difficulty breathing.

Heart and respiratory conditions can be notoriously difficult to detect in dogs until it’s too late. Invoxia addresses the problem by detecting anomalies and analyzing the data it collects via AI.

Romain Pariaut, a veterinary expert at Cornell University, explained the Inoxia Smart Dog Collar’s utility succinctly.

“A higher-than-normal resting respiratory rate is one of the most pertinent indicators of impending heart failure [in dogs],” he said. Thus, owners of dogs with heart disease, or conditions that could lead to heart disease, should continuously monitor their pet’s respiratory and heart rates. And Invoxia makes it as easy as opening an app.

Thanks to its neural network technology, it’s also painless for your dog — unlike other technology that would require electrodes.

Heavily Tested Location Tracker

The Smart Dog Collar looks ideal for active dogs too. Its locating technology combines Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and LTE-M with long battery life to maximize the owner’s ability to find their dog.

Invoxia started developing the technology in 2018 with its original Pet Tracker. Since then, it’s collected data from millions of days of pet activity to refine its end product.

Not only does it monitor location, but activity as well. The collar can tell you whether your furry friend is walking, running, scratching, resting, or even eating/drinking or barking.

And it adds alerts for escape by runaway-prone dogs, complete with an audible buzzer so you can locate it fast once you’re nearby.

Invoxia Smart Dog Collar Release Timeline and MSRP

The Invoxia Smart Dog Collar debuted at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. Invoxia targets a market launch in summer 2022, with a design geared toward medium and large dogs.

The sensor placement prioritizes comfortable weight distribution, and the washable fabric cover is available in various colors.

The estimated MSRP is $99, plus a monthly subscription to the Invoxia app at $13. Visit Invoxia’s website to learn more.

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