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Condom Company Makes ‘Feel-Everything’ Track Suit

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Skin tight, aerodynamic, elastic, and, oh so sensitive. Prophylactic giant SKYN Condoms has made a track suit, and it’s got us giggling.


I read dozens of emails everyday about “new,” “exciting,” “game changing” products. Well, this one changes the game. Heck, it pretty much changes the whole darned sport.

My normal communiques run the gamut of outdoors apparel, technology, and gear. Now I can add “condom company” to the list.

“We knew our ‘SKYNFEEL’ condom material was revolutionary in our own industry, but we were curious about what else it could do,” read the press release quote from SKYN Senior Global Brand Director David Chaker. “So we looked to the world of performance athletics and decided to conduct an experiment in apparel.”

OK, I’m curious.

The World’s Most Sensitive Track Suit?

That experiment resulted in a skin suit designed for long jumpers that features “dragonfly wing-inspired flaps” that stay against the body and open up during a jump to create drag and “upward lift.”

We’re a little unclear about breathability, but man, it’s gotta be sensitive.

skynffel condom suit jumper

Pauline van Dongen, who specializes in cutting-edge wearable technology like solar panel shirts, custom-fit body-scan shoes, and glowing LED running shirts came up with the design. She can now add condom suits to her resume.

But all joking aside, it’s pretty cool to see a company go so far out of its wheelhouse. To see the actual one-of-a-kind prototype in action, check out this video:

That creamy white substance you see splashing into a mold is actually polyisoprene, the compound that, according to SKYN, is “softer, stretchier and give[s] a naturally comfortable wear” compared to latex, and “feels like wearing nothing at all.”

Yes, you’re thinking exactly what I’m thinking: this is hilarious. But think it through, is this really such a wild idea?

Condom Races? That’s Just Wrong

skyn condom suit close up

The whole market for condoms is comfort, fit, stretch, strength, and aerodynamics (OK, I made up that last one, but it’s probably true). Those are the same foundations of all other performance apparel on the market.

In short, this dragonfly-wing condom suit for long jumpers might not be as crazy as it sounds – I’d wear one. Heck, I’ll test one if they let me.

Sadly, according to the company, there are no plans to mass produce SKYNFEEL Apparel. It is just an “experimental project.”

I for one hope this catches on – innovation is what keeps the outdoor industry moving. And I applaud SKYN for, as the brand so aptly put it, “think[ing] outside of our own condom box.”

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