Amphibious RV in Water

Not Just A Land Yacht: ‘Amphibious RV’ Tours Roads And Lakes

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Thousands of R.V’s will hit the roads of the United States this summer as people tour in comfort complete with satellite televisions, air conditioning, and mood lighting.

Well, the Terra Wind by Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International takes RV’ing to an absurd new level. This land yacht has an aluminum-hull and is the “first class motor coach that is as comfortable on the lake as it is on the land, with a highway speed of up to 80 mph and up to 7 knots on the water,” according to the company.

The following video gives a complete breakdown of all the systems involved.

This is one of several unique amphibious vehicles made by CAMI. Others, like the Hydra Spyder automotive amphibian and the Hydra Terra amphibious bus, are pretty wild inventions. But man, the Terra Wind RV makes one heck of an impression. Imagine cruising a lake in your canoe and seeing this beast motoring toward you!

Crazy engineering isn’t cheap. Prices for the Terra Wind begin at about $650,000. There’s probably not a huge market for it, but for those flush with cash who already have every other toy in the book, well, at least they won’t have to tow a boat on cross-country adventures.

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