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Rent Before You Buy: Guide to Campervan Rentals and Adventures

Escape Camper Van Rental
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Many of us have dreams of cruising down the open road in our built-out Sprinter van. But the thought of actually converting a van can be daunting and expensive. This is just one reason to consider renting a camper or RV to see if it’s right for you. Here’s how.

While you might be tempted to pull the trigger and buy or build your own campervan for your excursion, you should consider renting one first. Follow this step-by-step self-evaluation to see if it’s right for you.

In no time, you could be putting rubber to the pavement.


Why Rent a Campervan?

Combining comfort and affordability, campervans are versatile freedom machines that allow you to easily navigate city driving and take your travel into areas unreachable for larger RVs. You can keep your costs down and relax with a cold one from the built-in fridge at the end of the day.

Escape Campervans has 16-plus years of experience in the field, with more than 600 custom, modern campervans. The brand offers great customer service (read customer comments here) and can give you all sorts of advice you didn’t know you needed.

Easy to drive, easy to park, and easy to rent, it’s a great way to try before you buy.

Camper Van Rental

How Often Do You Travel?

While you might be hoping to hit the road often, the reality might be that you will use a campervan for only a couple of weeks each year.

You need to consider a place to park your palace on wheels. Will it fit in your garage during the snow season? Storage and insurance costs can rack up over time. Renting could be a simpler option that saves you cash.

One Way or Round Trip?

Will you be sticking close to home, going on day and weekend trips, or do you want to be able to explore destinations hundreds or even thousands of miles away?

You might not have weeks of vacation or want to spend all your time getting to the areas you want to experience. If you have your own campervan, you have to start and end at home.

But if you rent, you can fly in, pick up your vehicle, and you’re off. Escape Campervans has 12 locations in the U.S. and Canada, and a plethora of inspired itineraries for those needing extra inspiration.

Renting A Campervan

What Do You Need to Pack?

Deciding exactly what to bring or how to outfit your own campervan before a trip can be daunting.

Escape’s long list of rental offerings means everything you need can be packed before arrival — so you won’t waste any time in preparation. Need a bike rack? Done. Bedding? Done. Camp gear? Done and done.

If you’d rather keep track of your kids than your shopping list, renting can streamline your efforts.

Escape camper van
Escape Campervan tour 2017

What Are Your Rental Options?

Right now, Escape exhibits four different models to choose from: the Indie Camper, a 2018 Ford F-150 four-door crew cab with Lance 650 camper model; the Big Sur, a Ford T-350, the Mavericks line of Ford E150s; and the Santa Cruz family of Ford Transit Connects.

Testing out various models can also help you draft your shortlist — do you like indoor or outdoor kitchen access? How much power or running water do you need? What about seatbelts or bed types?

Spending some quality time with various models will illuminate needs and wants.


Who’s Your Ride-or-Die?

Are you taking yourself, a partner, or a five-person group of family and friends? Will your needs change? When you own, you lock yourself into one option, but renting can help you find your best fit. Escape Campervans offers optional rooftop sleepers that can accommodate larger parties.

If you have kiddos in tow, you can rest easier knowing that Escape’s campervans are reliable (24-hour roadside assistance), practical (sink, stove, fridge, etc.), and fun (each Escape campervan sports a unique hand-painted exterior).


What’s Your Budget?

Hotels and car rentals add up quickly on vacation. Van insurance and AAA add to ownership costs. But Escape’s campervans start at just $33/night in the low season, with affordable and flexible insurance options available.

Right now, Escape is running the Weekend Escape Special. You can try out an Escape campervan for just $99 for a weekend with free camp gear when you book from October 10, 2019, to March 2, 2020. Why invest thousands when you can test the waters for the cost of a decent meal out?

If you’re unsure of what campervans are capable of, or if the lifestyle is a good match, then renting is your best introduction to cross-functional adventure vehicles.

This article is sponsored by Escape Campervans.

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