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Treehouse Of The Future? Crazy Concept Will Be A Reality

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Reduce your home’s impact on the environment by bringing the outdoors in.

Tree in house

Along the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains in Kazakhstan sits the town of Almaty. Formerly the capital city, Almaty’s lush coniferous forests will soon be home to a unique development in sustainable housing.

The “Tree in a house” is a four-story glass home built around a 40-foot tree. The project, slated for 2017 construction, is the brainchild of Aibek Almassov, a 24-year-old architect, and founder of A.Masow Architects and A.Masow Design Studio.

Tree in a house concept

Tree In A House

“I’ve been looking for a solution that would help in the future to avoid the destruction of forests,” Almassov said in a recent interview.

Over the last three year years, he developed the “eco-home.” This unique treehouse uses numerous future-forward design elements (not the least of which is the full-grown tree in the center).

Tree in a house

For starters, the exterior isn’t mere glass. It’s coated in transparent solar cells that heat and power the home with a Tesla Powerwall battery.

The one-of-a-kind tree home will also be water-conscious, according to Almassov. The house will collect and heat rain water for bathing. It will also purify and recycle all drinking water.

As for the tree, solar lights shine on areas blocked from the sun. The root system will collect water naturally, thanks to the house’s narrow footprint.

tree in a house lighting

Almassov also told us the tree uniquely “oxygenates” the home, like one giant houseplant.

‘Harmony With Nature’

Almassov said he wants this house to “offer an alternative to the bustling city life.” His vision is more than just residential, it’s spiritual.


A giant spiral staircase winds up through four floors, like the stages of spiritual purification, enlightenment, and harmony—according to design studio’s website.

Almassov wouldn’t tell us a firm price for the ornate-yet-minimalist off-grid home, but reports have it around $285,000.


Of course, it begs the question: What happens when the tree inevitably dies? We posed this to Almassov, whose response was… optimistic.

“In warm conditions, the tree can’t die. We will use special ventilation for tree life.”

We remain skeptical. A tree sheltered from pests and the elements might thrive a bit longer. But it’s hard to believe warm air and ventilation are the keys to everlasting life.

The “Tree in a house” may look and sound like a new-age environmentalists pipe dream, but we’re intrigued to see this idea take root.

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