Shop5 Rates Gear Junkie No. 1

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Someone likes us. A new site, www.shop5.com, rates blogs and web sites based on, ostensibly, an actual human reading content. TheGearJunkie.com was rated No. 1 in the category of “Outdoor Blogs” on the site, beating out my buddy Rocky and his Goat blog + the guys at GetOutdoors and Outdoorzy. Not that this means too much. But cool to get the props, nonetheless.

Here’s the site’s assessment of what I do. . .

The Gear Junkie is the epitome of comprehensive. It boasts quite a bulleted list of attractions. The “Daily Dose Blog” caters to gear reviews from apparel to electronics with miscellaneous, featured tid-bits like “The World’s Weirdest Footraces” or “International Adventure Girl—Bria Schurke.” Site sections here are smartly organized, with a video page that’s especially noteworthy for fans of cycling and a diverse collection of still-photo slideshows. The “Adventures” section is no slouch either, lots of different adventurous activities to peruse.

And since they gave me some ink, here’s what their site is all about. . .

Shop5 is a new web service that gives you the Top 5 websites for almost anything—as decided by users and our editors—along with full profiles and reviews of every site. The Top 5 list is dynamic and will change as ratings and reviews come in from Shop5 users.



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