Rain, Sleet And Sweat No Match For $10 Waterproof Wallet

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It was near sunset in Florida when I went on a run down the beach. On a family trip to the Fort Myers area, I had 45 minutes to escape before I was due back at the hotel pool.

Of course, I forgot to leave my billfold behind. But no worries, my new wallet was made for use in activities where sweat and natural elements might come into play.

ZPacks Wallet Zip Puch

Granted, the Wallet Zip Pouch ($9.95) was built for circumstances far harsher than a beach run. Made by ultra-light gear brand ZPacks LLC, the wallet uses a waterproof fabric similar to the super tough, light and thin material employed on yacht sails.

The hybrid Cuben fiber material looks like paper. It’s thin and semi-transparent; when sunlight hits my wallet you can almost read a credit card number inside, but it’s incredibly tough and waterproof

ZPacks, a brand that makes all its products in a Florida facility, tapes the wallet’s seams and adds a waterproof zipper.

The result is a basic 3 × 4.25-inch pouch that zips open and closed. It’s a no-frills case that fits all my needed day to day cards and cash. As noted, the price is only $9.95.

I like a simple wallet that zips closed and is secure. As an active person, the tough fabric and watertight nature is a needed bonus and something that comes in handy during sudden downpours or sweaty runs.

Another nice point is that it will fit my iPhone in a pinch. GearJunkie contributor Jeff Kish uses this pouch for his phone in the winter, keeping it next to a heating packet in his pocket to warm the battery on cold-weather hikes.

ZPacks sells several iterations of the pouch, from the basic billfold, to a passport-size model, to an iPhone-compatible soft case. The company notes they are watertight “as long as they aren’t submerged for an extended period.”

In other words, it’s not guaranteed for swimming across rivers. But for sweaty pockets, unexpected rain, or an inadvertent jog for a few miles on a Fort Myers beach, the unique Cuben fiber case will keep all your goods inside dry.

For more info or to purchase, visit the ZPacks LLC Wallet Zip Pouch page.

—Stephen Regenold



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