Skiing Is Different In Uzbekistan (Vodka, Go-Go Dancers Included)

Skiing Is Different In Uzbekistan (Vodka, Go-Go Dancers Included)

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This video, well, just wow. Mix one part skiing, one part vodka, two parts go-go dancing and a huge MI 8 helicopter and you get, well, just watch it. —Sean McCoy

From the Vimeo post by producer “WhiteHearts:” “In February 2014, we were traveling for skiing to Uzbekistan in the totally secluded mountains of the Tien Shan. The summits there reach up to 4,600 meters. We found thick snow and probably the longest lines on this planet with up to 2,000 meters in altitude.”

“We were mostly on the way by helicopter – in a flight area, that is as great as Tyrol in Austria. Nevertheless, there’s only this one helicopter and no other freeriders. The bizarre flying thing is called MI 8, is 18 meters long, has a wingspan of 23 meters and 5 rotors. A true Omibus in the sky with a crew of three persons and up to 16 passengers. Not only from the helicopter windows we enjoyed stunning views on the magnificent mountains, but also inside there was really something impressive to see, because we had a go-go dancing-girl from Tashkent on board. We had lots of fun and unique experiences – both the helicopter and the skiing and the people mixture of Central Asia, the post-communist chaos and the exoticism of the Silk Road. Uzbekistan is amazing and really great for skiing!”

Sean McCoy
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