‘Gravel Is a Lifestyle’: This Rider Gave Up World Tour Riding

Riding is fun. Racing should be fun. But after the Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride, Pete Stetina had to make a change.

“There’s a new breed of professional athletes choosing to transition away from the status quo,” reads the Wahoo Fitness episode description. “They’re forging a new frontier in professional sport.”

In this episode, rider Pete Stetina talks about transitioning into gravel racing from the World Tour road racing scene. Stetina, who won the Belgian Waffle Ride in 2019, decided to make a switch soon after, to go back to his roots of why he rides.

He’s still motivated, still in shape, and still serious about winning races but is moving toward the gravel lifestyle.

“There’s a lot more to the bike than just exercise — it’s the exploration of freedom,” said Stetina. “With racing, it becomes standardized. I needed an outlet … something new.”

So what does that mean for this rider? It means racing with friends, riding through his hometown, and living life — on his bike — to the fullest.

This episode of “Wahoo Frontiers” was produced by Ansel Dickey, Nick Keating, and Matt Porter.

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