Meet Advenate, a Revolutionary New Snow Safety Brand

One of the biggest stories to come out of ISPO Munich this year was the explosion of Advenate onto the snow safety scene.

Advenate avi pack and shovel

Born in 2016 near the heart of the Alps in St. Johann, Austria, Advenate was a double ISPO award winner at this year’s show. Not a bad result for a young company with only two products in its current backcountry portfolio!

A small brand, Advenate made everyone sit up and take notice at ISPO, the world’s largest trade show for outdoor sporting equipment and apparel. The draw? A well-thought-out, creative, and forward-thinking approach to snow safety that promises much for the future.

Specifically, the Surface IAS avalanche airbag/breathing system and the Hybrid Set, a telescopic avalanche shovel with integrated probe and optional winter shelter (Pro version), were awarded ISPO Gold honors.

Advenate Hybrid Set Probe/Shovel

Of the two patent-pending products, the innovative and intuitive Hybrid Set really set the show alight. By designing a telescopic avalanche shovel with integrated 240-cm (94.5-inch) aluminum probe in the shaft, Advenate removed the hassle from locating individual parts in your pack to fit together.

Advenate Hybrid Set probe shovel

Anyone who has been in an emergency avalanche rescue situation knows that the combination of shaky hands, nerves, and lack of familiarity with complicated systems does not make for efficient assembly of rescue equipment.

If someone in your party is caught in an avalanche you have just minutes to locate and rescue them before their chances of survival plummet. Time is your ultimate (and very deadly) enemy. Milliseconds and marginal gains count.

Plus, weight and size are key for consumers. Advenate prioritized this with a lightweight, minimal design. The Hybrid Set takes up less space in the pack than a regular shovel with separate probe.

And while weight is always a priority in the backcountry, it must never come at the expense of functionality. The Hybrid Set may be flashy, but it is a solid bit of kit built for a serious job. The shovel blade measures a sturdy 27-by-23 cm (10.6-by-9 inches). When assembled with the handle, it measures 64–94 cm (25–37 inches) to help power digging.

Advenate Hybrid Pro Winter Safety Bivouac

Advenate Bivvy

The optional ultralight winter safety shelter/bivouac comes standard with the upgraded Hybrid Pro version. It’s a great add-on for planned or unplanned nights out in the mountains.

The brand constructs the lightweight shelter with breathable, waterproof Diamond Cordura ripstop. It weighs just 720 grams, just over 1.5 pounds. It is easy and fast to assemble, with the shovel handle functioning as a robust linking element between probe and ski poles. This negates the need to carry additional tent poles, yielding more weight savings for your pack. Winner.

Advenate Snow Safety System

  • Hybrid Set
    • Shovel blade: 27-by-23 cm / 10.6-by-9 inches
    • Probe length: 240 cm / 94.5 inches
    • Length of shovel shaft w/o blade: 47 cm / 18.5 inches
    • Length of shovel w/ blade: 64 cm / 25 inches
    • Extended shovel length: 94 cm / 37 inches
  • Hybrid Pro Bivvy
    • Single wall
    • Fly: Lightweight, waterproof-breathable Diamond Cordura Ripstop 33D, coated on both sides
    • Floor: Nylon ripstop laminated with Ether TPU
    • Water column (fly): 2,000 mm W/R
    • Water column (floor): 10,000 mm W/R
    • Weight: 720 grams / 1.6 pounds
    • Length when assembled: 2.37 m / 7.75 feet
    • Width when assembled: 1.27 m / 4 feet
    • Height when assembled: 0.78 m / 2.5 feet

Advenate Surface IAS Avi Airbag/Breathing System

Called the Integrated Avalanche System (IAS), this backpack combines an avalanche airbag and a breathing system in a single backpack. And because you have little time to act during an avalanche, both systems are activated simultaneously in a single movement.

Basically, pull the mouthpiece to activate the airbag. If buried in the avalanche, breathe through the mouthpiece and it diverts CO2 from the fresh air intake, keeping you alive longer.

It’s an evolution to combine these two lifesaving systems in a single product. It was significant to earn Advenate a “winner” designation for this product at ISPO. It will hit the market for 849 Euros (about $1,050).