Enhance Your Ski Experience With Backcountry Cocktails

Breckenridge Distillery’s new backcountry ski video has a unique message — that cocktails and backcountry travel go hand in hand.

Breckenridge Ski Resort has some pretty gnarly runs, but it’s more than just an expert-skier destination. It’s a mountain community and family vacation spot. And sometimes, with the overpriced drinks at lodges and bars, an apres-ski session in the backcountry makes sense.

Leave the Kool-Aid drink mix at home, Breckenridge Distillery advises. The video explores (alongside some pretty nice winter footage) the “conversation and connection that ‘apres’ brings together, even in a backcountry hut.”

So get out there and make some cocktails with your friends.

Breckenridge Distillery’s recommended cocktails include a cabin tea and snowball Old Fashioned. See its backcountry cocktail recipes here.

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