‘Cheese Grater’ Snowshoe For Mountain Terrain

A low-profile snowshoe that fits any boot and provides unrivaled mobility on all terrain — that’s the goal of Snowfoot.


They may look like cheese graters strapped to a boot, but the designers behind Snowfoot say that this small snowshoe delivers big on performance.

The brand claims the grated deck pattern simultaneously allows snow to pass through the deck while distributing the user’s weight across the angular 3D grid. Hence, the petite footprint effectively doubles the contact to surface area, providing the same float as a larger snowshoe in a smaller, uninhibited package.

And if you’ve ever walked in snowshoes, it doesn’t take long to realize that it can be a lot of work, forcing a stilted, duck-like stride.

With a smaller platform, Snowfoot theoretically become an extension of your boot and is easier to walk in.


Snowfoot says the shoes offer good mobility on steep snow, icy slopes, even loose scree.

20141111013417-techspecsThe snowshoes have integrated crampons with universal strap bindings that fit virtually any style of boot (size 6 to 14). At 2.6 pounds for the pair, they are competitively light and small enough to fit inside a 20L pack.


Snowfoot Snowshoes

  • Weight: 2.6 pounds/pair
  • Deck Dimensions: 14.5in x 9in x 0.7in
  • Storage dimensions (pair): 14.5in x 9 in x 3.9in
  • Storage volume (pair): 8.5L
  • Deck: High impact strength nylon
  • Crampons: Steel AISI 420, 2.5mm thick
  • Bindings: Thermoplastic elastomer

Snowfoot met its Indiegogo funding requirements and is now shipping shoes to backers. The small brand sells the shoes at “four pro-shops in the Italian western Alps,” or ships them direct from its warehouse. They cost about $245 a pair.

–For more information on how to buy, see Snowfoot.eu.

Steve Graepel

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