‘Freeze’: Take a Break and Watch This Short, Sweet Ski Film

This film follows 29-year-old freeskier Tobi Tritscher as he cruises through the heart of the Austrian Alps.

Now that’s pow! This edit was filmed in the Austrian Alps, a frozen and snowy oasis perfect for wintersports fanatics like 29-year-old freeskier Tobi Tritscher.

The edit is artistic, evident from the start with its opening shot of a babbling stream. But don’t worry, it quickly moves from the brook to big-mountain lines.

“‘Freeze’ is a reminder that life repeats itself. The tribute was filmed in the Austrian Alps — when water froze into snow and created a playground for all winter lovers. The skiing is versatile — just like water is,” the filmmaker wrote about the film.

Runtime: 3 minutes. The film is by Bjorn Hunger and presented by Atomic Skiing

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