Giro Ski Helmet

‘Articulating’ Ski Helmet Has Shell Size Adjustment

Most ski helmets adjust for size with an internal fixture that cradles the head or even simple velcro-in pads or liners. The designers at Giro took a new approach to their venerable line of brain buckets with the to-be-released Range.

By separating the helmet into two pieces, the articulating Range conforms to head shape with the turn of a dial. This goes beyond the typical internal size adjustments found in many helmets as the Range adjusts the actual hard shell size as well as the internal structures.

This semi-flexible construction results in a low-profile fit around the noggin.

I’ll be giving the Range a full test on a ski-mountaineering trip in April. It just arrived in house and, at first blush, it opens wide and easily fits over my head. A turn of the dial gently squeezes the side wings around to the back panel, giving it a low profile and stellar fit.

The Range helmet includes top-shelf features like MIPS technology, adjustable venting, an integrated mount for a GoPro camera, and the excellent magnetic Fidlock buckle.

The Range helmet will be available in small, medium and large in August 2015 — all highly adjustable! — for $240.