Conquering Lhotse: Watch the First Ski Descent

In 2018, explorers and athletes Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison did what no one had ever done before. And this beautifully shot video tells their story.

Leaving behind their families and friends, Nelson and Morrison embarked on a mission to make history. The duo set out to ski down the 27,949-foot Lhotse.

Standing on the border of Tibet and Nepal, Lhotse is the fourth-highest mountain in the world and arguably one of the toughest in the world to summit.

But Nelson and Morrison didn’t let that stop them. Greeted with unbelievably beautiful conditions, they completed the first-ever ski descent of Lhotse.

It wasn’t without danger, but as Nelson said, “You have to take risks if you want to learn anything and expand the self-imposed walls we put around ourselves.”

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Mallory Paige

Gear Editor Mallory Paige credits a childhood exploring the Rocky Mountains for her love of the outdoors. She recently spent a memorable year motorcycle camping across North America (with her dog!) and is now enjoying introducing her baby girl to all manner of adventure.

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