Mountain Standard MTN Utility Glove

Editor’s Pick: My Favorite Winter Gloves Are 50% Off Right Now

Cold hands suck. So do bulky gloves that turn your fingers into useless pegs. Enter Mountain Standard — maker of the warmest, comfiest gloves I’ve ever owned.

Many gear review sites, including this one, often end reviews with the caveat, “We will update this review after continued testing.” While we can glean a wealth of info about a product from its specs and a few weeks of intense testing, there’s no telling how a product will stand up with time.

Mountain Standard MTN Utility Glove

But sometimes the stars align and we can attest to a product’s worth after years of use. For example, I’ve been wearing the MTN Utility Glove from Boulder, Colorado-based Mountain Standard for three winters now. In that time, I’ve received, tried on, and used several pairs of premium alternatives. From electronically heated gloves to vegan-friendly options, burly ski mitts to fast-and-light commuter gloves.

And every time I’ve gone back to the MTN Utility Gloves. I only say this because right now, Mountain Standard has these gloves on sale for half off. That’s $118 gloves available for under $60.

Winter Gloves on Sale

What do I like about these gloves? In short, they do the basics extremely well: warmth and dexterity. PrimaLoft Gold insulation keeps the fingers plenty warm enough to move while goatskin leather allows for surprising dexterity from such a thick mitt.

Mountain Standard MTN Utility Glove

While I wouldn’t submerge them, the leather provides everyday water resistance — I haven’t suffered damp hands in thick, wet snow. These gloves have been great for cold-weather commutes below freezing, winter weekend warrior tasks outside the house, and various outdoor recreation pursuits.

Each pair includes a detachable wrist leash and sports finger loops for hang-drying.

Bear in mind, they won’t register on a smartphone screen and they are not as full-featured as ski-specific gloves. But for keeping your hands cozy while permitting ample dexterity, they’re my go-to.

Find the MTN Utility Gloves on sale here in two colors and a variety of sizes.

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