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Ski the East’s ‘Promised Land 3.5’: Skiing ‘The Big One’ in New Hampshire

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Skiing Mt. Washington doesn’t get any better or any worse. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

During peak snow season, many enthusiasts are drawn to the legendary Mt. Washington, also called “The Big One,” which is the highest peak in the Northeastern U.S., topping out at 6,288 feet and located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. But who would try skiing in May when conditions are far less ideal?

Backcountry ski crew José Darias, Kurt Niiler, Riley Whitney, Brooks Curran, and Jake Whitlock found luck in April with favorable ski conditions on Mt. Washington and decided to keep the party going and roll the dice again in May. What did they get?

“The worst snow conditions I’ve ever seen,” said Brooks.

Watch the crew tackle “The Big One” during the favorable April conditions to see the good turns that bring so many skiers to the mountain. Then, watch them scrape their way down nearly bare slopes, riding between narrow rock walls, and generally making the best of a bad idea.

Continue to stay tuned for more of Promised Land: Season 3, the 16th annual production by Ski the East, featuring skiing of all kinds.

Runtime: 6 minutes

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