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Red Bull ‘Schlittentag’ Race

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Take some random household materials, stick them on skis, and race them down a steep, icy slope… Welcome to the “sport” of schlittentag. Sit back and enjoy the carnage. The Red Bull Schlittentag at Keystone Resort last week might be our favorite new spring event.

series 6

Not only are the homemade “sleds” wacky and of dubious construction, but the insane costumes and rowdy folks with spring fever really up the game. Here’s a visual recap.

Schlittentag competitors take on a tropical beach theme.

series 5

The umbrellas are clearly helping.

series 2

But we’re not sure about this concept.

series 4

And this one is just a straight-up disaster…

series 3

But the bar-sled is awesome!


‘Bar tender, pour me a double!’

schlittentag 41

So rad… Until it isn’t.

schlittentag 32

And then you’ve got the bathtub sled.

schlittentag 1

Casualty ejected.

schlittentag 38

Going, going…

schlittentag 39


schlittentag 40

Clean air for this duo.

schlittentag 29

Costumes (and clothing) seem to be optional.

schlittentag 8


schlittentag 33

Silicone suits? It’s gettin’ weird.

schlittentag 13

But wait. Nascar!

schlittentag 6

And… ‘Merica!

schlittentag 4

Back to normal. Video of the whole shebang as a send-off…


–All photos courtesy Keystone Resort. Thanks for the laugh!

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