Skiing Obsession: Salomon Ski Flick Explains the Insanity

They might be insane, but they’re definitely talented. Come along as these skiers search for big pow and epic lines.

Salomon’s latest video, “The 7 Stages of Blank,” takes a beautifully shot, lighthearted look at the insanity that is big-mountain skiing.

Anticipation, inspiration, creativity, perseverance, experience, exploration, and satisfaction: These seven stages show the emotions of ski season, complete with breathtaking skill and mountainside friendships. Settle in and get stoked for winter.

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Mallory Paige

Gear Editor Mallory Paige credits a childhood exploring the Rocky Mountains for her love of the outdoors. She recently spent a memorable year motorcycle camping across North America (with her dog!) and is now enjoying introducing her baby girl to all manner of adventure.

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