‘Ice Marathon’: Run Across the World’s Deepest Lake (in Siberia)

Every year, a handful of the world’s most extreme runners travel to Siberia to participate in an ‘ice marathon.’

Siberia is expansive. In one tiny region in Irkutsk lies Baikal Lake, the world’s deepest lake. With a depth of over 5,300 feet, this frozen tundra is home each year to an endurance race known as the Baikal Ice Marathon.

Irkutsk holds the marathon during its winter games festival, Winteriad, which also features ice golf, ice fishing tournaments, and an ice march. However, the race is the star of the show and is considered one of the coldest, most extreme footraces on the planet. In fact, fewer than 130 people participated last year.

If you think you’re ready to endure Siberia’s icy elements, there’s still time to sign up. The race is set for March 1, 2020. This will be the race’s 16th (and possibly coldest) year. Temperatures in Siberia in March range from a chilly -9 to 18 degrees F. 

Siberian 'Ice Run' Across Lake Baikal Is Just Plain Nuts
Siberian 'Ice Run' Across Lake Baikal Is Just Plain Nuts

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