ski resorts of the west map art

Wall Art: Beautiful Map Showcases Western US Ski Resorts

From Alaska to the Mexico border, ‘Ski Resorts of the West’ showcases North America’s western ski resorts in stunning detail. All 246 of them.

ski resorts of the west map art

The mountain ranges of the American West are home to world-class skiing in beautiful settings. So beautiful, in fact, that you can now display them on your wall.

Marmota Maps began making several posters of the Alps, but the company branches into North American territory with its newest collection. The Ski Resorts of the West print exhibits downhill ski resorts in the western USA and Canada.

The poster, live on Kickstarter, measures 36 x 48 inches and costs $70.

The poster shows the minimum and maximum elevation, as well as slope miles for green, blue, and black runs. It distinguishes resorts according to total slope length into three categories: small, medium, and large.

ski resorts of the west map art

Along with the map, Marmota will release individual illustrations of famous mountains within the American West. These measure 11.7 x 16.5 inches. Check out the gif below:

mountains of the west gif

The map and illustrations are currently live on Kickstarter, with seven more days of crowdfunding available. But it looks like the map will be available soon, as the brand surpassed its $6,000 goal.

Marmota Maps: Ski Resorts of the West

To compile the data, Marmota Maps used Then, it beautified the numbers in an easy-to-read format with stunning blue hues.

Marmota Maps started in 2015 with a print similar to this one, titled Map of the Alps. It offers two iterations of the European print, one with 275 ski resorts and a larger one with 630.

For the West, Marmota adds more detail. Included are contour lines for every 1,000 feet of height, plus roads, waterways, cities, and regional borders.

ski resorts of the west map art

So, whether you like to ski or you just appreciate geographical data and design, consider this map for that blank space on your wall.

Nate Mitka

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