Hard to Watch: Skier Buried, Recovered From Avalanche

If you ski in the backcountry, you put yourself in avalanche terrain. Make good choices, ski with a competent team, and be safe out there!

A skier triggered an avalanche in Guardsman Pass, Utah. It takes him for a big ride past some large trees, too close for comfort. When it stops, he’s completely buried. Just one ski sticks out of the snow.

Fortunately for this man, his buddies act quickly. Watch and learn, as information in the backcountry can help you make better decisions.

Guardsman Pass Avalanche: Utah Avalanche Center Discussion

Those who ski and ride in the Utah backcountry should check out the complete accident report here. Below is a brief summary from the UAC:

“Skier triggered on a shallow rocky convex steep slope. 4th skier on the slope that day. Crown brake was 6 inches (at trigger point) up to 3 feet deep. 3 people skiing. We knew the steep part of the slope had a likelihood of breaking but thought it would be manageable. we all underestimated the amount of snowpack that broke…. that being said we all had avalanche gear and had one person up top in eyesight of the skier and one at the bottom out of the path. Skier was buried under about a foot deep, with one ski sticking out. Buried For less then a minute.”

Sean McCoy

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