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For the Powder Hunters: Black Crows Releases Limited Edition Nocta Ski, Backcountry Capsule

The Nocta powder ski from Black Crows got a full redesign for the 2023/24 season — and it's made for one thing and one thing only: surfing the deepest powder.

Black Crows Nocta Powder Ski; (photo/Black Crows)(Photo/Black Crows)
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Sometimes when the snow doesn’t come to you, you have to go hunt it down. Like a gold miner searching for their motherlode, or a surfer scouting for the perfect beach, a skier might have to chase storms and delve deep into the mountains to find that perfect, uncut field of powder. And Black Crows just released a ski and capsule containing all the necessary tools to go find the deep stuff.

The Nocta powder ski ($1,050) from Black Crows isn’t new. It’s been around for a number of years, and its design has been tweaked over time. What hasn’t changed is the purpose behind these fatties — to shred in the deepest snow.

Black Crows’ 2023/24 version of the Nocta continues that legacy for the third generation. But aside from the name, this year’s Nocta is a completely different ski from years prior. Not only did Black Crows throw a rad new chevron blaze camo topsheet onto the limited edition skis, but they’ve totally redesigned the shape and structure of the Nocta.

And this year, they also include a backcountry capsule with the limited edition version of this ski. So, when you venture out on a powder hunting excursion, you’ve got the necessary (and, let’s be honest, fun) kit.

“The chase of a powder day, the excitement of getting ready to enjoy the pursuit, and the pleasure of weightlessness keep us coming back for more,” said Jack Gray, chief product officer at Black Crows. “This collection celebrates the powder hunt with an outfit that can take you from shoveling your driveway to backcountry paradise.”

Limited Edition Nocta Powder Hunter

Black Crows Nocta top pattern close-up.
(Photo/Will Brendza)

The defining feature of any powder ski is its width. And boy, are the 2023/24 Noctas wide. With a 122mm waist, these could probably double as water skis. They are truly voluptuous. They were created for the love of skiing fresh, deep lines.

Where previous versions of the Nocta had a reverse camber shape, this year’s features a classic medium camber underfoot. According to Black Crows, it sacrificed some rigidity with that update but gained a better balance between stability and control. And a double rocker gives these skis great maneuverability and pivot-power for as wide as they are.

Semicap construction protects the ABS sidewalls. And a slightly straight sidecut improves the Nocta’s stability.

Of course, we have to mention the tips as well. They aren’t round, and they aren’t square. They’re almost shaped like mountains and definitely add another level of flair to the already steazy-looking ski.

The Nocta is obviously great for backcountry touring (although it is on the heavy side at 3,800 grams). But the brand made sure to note that these could double as alpine skis, depending on what type of binding you choose to use. Just don’t try to put telemark bindings on them, Black Crows warned, as the drill mount will not support them.

Nocta Powder Hunting Skis


  • Lengths 177, 185, 190 cm
  • Dimensions 145-122-135 cm (@ 177 cm)
  • Weight 3,800 g
  • Turn Radius 21 m
  • Core Paulina/Poplar/Fiberglass
  • Shape Double rocker w/ classic camber
For the Powder Hunters: Black Crows Releases Limited Edition Nocta Ski, Backcountry CapsuleBlack Crows Nocta Powder Ski; (photo/Black Crows)

Behind the Graphics

Black Crows Nocta Powder Ski top close-up on snow; (photo/Will Brendza)
(Photo/Will Brendza)

The limited edition version of the Nocta powder hunter has a chevron orange camo topsheet. It’s a drastically different look than other Black Crows skis, which was intentional. It was styled after the same pattern that hunters wear out in the woods. And why not? If this ski is made for hunting powder, it should look the part.

And, anyone who purchases the limited edition Nocta with the pow capsule will be able to dress the part as well.

What’s in a Pow Capsule?

Black Crows Nocta Powder Ski kit showing shovel, bag, hoodie, cap, and skis; (photo/Black Crows)
(Photo/Black Crows)

Included with the limited edition Nocta powder ski from Black Crows is a backcountry capsule that has most of everything a powder hunter needs to get out and start hunting. There’s a Black Crows branded ear flap hat, a Black Crows anorak rain jacket, a heavy-duty snow shovel, and a backcountry backpack that matches the blaze camo Nocta skis.

All of this comes in a package for $1,050 through Black Crows and Backcountry.com. We asked Black Crows how many pairs of Noctas are in this year’s limited edition run but were told, “that’s top secret information.”

All we can say with certainty is that the brand didn’t make a lot of them, and they’re going to sell out fast.

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